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EDEX takes part to EU project Boys and Girls Plus to promote healthy lifestyles among adolescents


 “Every school or non-formal learning environment can be part of the pilot implementation of this program,” Oihana Rementeria explains. Ohihana is the project coordinator of the Boys and Girls Plus project in Spain. Boys and Girls Plus is a prevention programme targeted to teenagers between 13 and 19 years applicable in different educational environments.

“The first projct step was to check which drug prevention programmes were available in Europe, not to repeat something that already exists or does not work,” explains Oihana.
After that first review, the project developed a set of educational tools and  
created a manual for educators with 6 teaching units based on a webseries hosted on You Tube.

You can find the original post in Spanish here, on the “vida solidaria” blog.

A different substance abuse prevention is necessary

EP Beer again

What is the quality of school susbstance abuse prevention programmes? How we provide support to educators? How much are we investing in prevention? These are some of the big issues that public institutions and education organizations have to currently face. In this article Edex, a partner of the Boys and Girls Plus project, goes through these issues presenting some of their projects implemented over the last decades.

The article starts reporting worrying data about alcohol consumption in the Basque country: half of the school population between 14 and 15 years consume alcohol; between 1992 and 2012, the population aged 15-18 sober during weekends was reduced from 81.3% to 47.6%; and about 1/3 of adolescents aged 15-18 consume alcohol to excess on weekends.


Read more here, on the blog “vida solidaria”.

City of Portugalete will take part to the piloting phase of B&G+ project

The spanish township of Portugalete has been chosen by EDEX Foundation as a partner for the piloting phase of the Boys & Girls project. The government of the city is interested in innovative and participatory approaches for addiction prevention. 

One of the local initiatives,, has been listed in the “Mapping of Social Media based drug prevention program in Europe” that  the B&G+ partnership published in August. provides young internet users with information about most frequently used drugs and reliable information about sexuality.

The collaboration between EDEX Foundation and the City of Portugalete will not require any economic involvement for the municipality. Rather, the town will benefit from taking part of the innovative educational project that will train local teachers and raise awareness among youngsters about healthy lifestyles.

Currently the partners involved in the project are developing the educational tools that are going to be ready in late 2014. Then, in spring 2015, the piloting phase will start with selected partners across 8 European Countries. The B&G+ partnership aims to involve 200 hundreds teachers and 4000 students.
If you are interested in participating in the pilot phase contact us


Press release and interview available here: and Tele7Radi07.

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