Boys and Girls Plus is an international project involving 9 partners from 8 European countries.



University College Ghent

Description: Established in 1995, Ghent University is one of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. It distinguishes itself as a socially committed and pluralistic university in a broad international perspective.
University College Ghent strives to excel in education, research, service provision and practice of the arts. The University supports international educational projects and international institutional cooperation through internationalisation of curricula and internationalisation at home.
University College Ghent consists of eight Faculties, an interdepartmental Centre for Research and Service (CTO) and a number of central or decentralized supporting, executive or policy-preparatory services.

Country: Belgium


Business Solutions Europa

Description: Business Solutions Europa is an independent and family-run European public affairs and communications agency. We have over a decade’s experience in offering organizations and individuals a fresh perspective on how to communicate and influence some of today’s most important public policy issues. We are project managers, networkers and communicators. We are methodical and insightful. We develop ideas and create partnerships, and helping our clients to understand the European Union (EU), its policies and processes is at the heart of all we do.

Country: Belgium



Charles University, Medical Faculty, DA department

Description: The Department of Addictology (DA) is part of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University and of General Teaching Hospital in Prague. Its main activities are:

  • College tuition
  • Research and development of new approaches in prevention, treatment, and social reintegrationof those affected;
  • The creation of lifelong learning for professionals in the field.
DA has a multidisciplinary team of experts who are representatives of the various scientific disciplines and research approaches and is a ‘centre of excellence’ for teaching. In fact, besides the classical medical subjects students can also study a variety of other subjects such as psychology, foundations of law, social work and politics, cultural and social anthropology, psychotherapy, criminology, education and project management.

DA has also explored new approaches in prevention, treatment and harm reduction.

Country: Czech Republic


EDEX Centro de Recursos Comunitarios

Description: EDEX is a no-profit organization set up since 1973 in the Basque Country, in Spain. The aim of the group is to promote the development of childhood and adolescence through education in the leisure time. It works, mainly, in the design and carrying out of socio-educative intervention programs with minors and their families in social difficulty situation, ethical values based education.

At the same time, it specializes in the design, publication and provides different social workers with a complete set of materials and didactic resources.

One of EDEX’s main object is drug prevention among children and adolescents in order to promote healthy lifestyles.

Country: Spain



Institute for research and development UTRIP 

Description: UTRIP is a non-governmental and no-profit research institute, founded in 2006. It aims to conduct research, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the projects and programmes in the field of youth risk behaviour, addiction prevention, health promotion and healthy lifestyles.

It is involved in several European researches and educational projects, co-financed by the European Commission and Slovenian Government.

It cooperates with many European research network and IREFREA is one of these.

Country: Slovenia


Maas research and Consulting (MAAS)

Description: MAAS is a consultancy firm specialized in EU cooperation projects in public health and social issues ai a management and content level.

The firm works to several project such as drug policy development and demand reduction, social innovation, demographic change, social and health services, long-term care for older people and quality management.

Both Director of Maas and employees have an extended experience in these subjects and most of this has been aquired during Maas’ employment with the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and research.

Country: Austria



Mentor Foundation 

Description: Mentor Foundation UK is a charity organization founded in 1998 and registered under the Scottish law. It is committed to the development of effective drug misuse prevention with the aim of protecting young people from harm. The Foundation seeks to influence drug misuse prevention policies, support good practice in drug misuse prevention, support the research in this field and increase the profile of drug misuse prevention, receiving funds from philanthropic trusts and individual and corporate donors.

Mentor UK has coordinated and delivered projects seeking to prevent drug misuse since several countries.

Country: UK



formerly Sex & Sundhed Danish Centre for Sexual Health Promotion

Description: AIDS-Fondet is a private organization working for a world without HIV where sexual health is a right and a reality for everyone, in Denmark and internationally alike. AIDS-Fondet was established in 1985 as a supplement to the public sector’s efforts in the areas of HIV&AIDS information, research and support to people living with HIV.
AIDS-Fondet works to ensure access to prevention, care and treatment with a special focus on key populations who are particularly vulnerable to and at risk of getting HIV. Further, AIDS-Fondet works to ensure that people living with HIV can live free from prejudice and discrimination.
Their most important tasks include: preventing HIV among target groups, providing support and counseling to people living with HIV, support HIV research, secure public and political support for the response to HIV&AIDS.

Throughout the year, AIDS-Fondet is involved in a number of activities; for example the annual World AIDS Day campaign and the Humour against AIDS campaign, where AIDS-Fondet is ensuring support to some of the most vulnerable population groups infected with and affected by HIV all over the world.

Country: Denmark


Society for Applied Social Science (G-EF-AS)

Description: The Society for Applied Social Research (GE-F-A-S) was found in 1994 in Germany. It is mainly working for non-profit organisations but also for market economy companies and every project is carried out by an interdisciplinary team, which is composed by socials scientists, psychologists, public Health experts and sociologists.

The scientific advisory council of GE-F-A-S consists of international acknowledged scientists. This team is highly experienced in empirical research within the scientific and the commercial section on national and international level since many years. The main tasks are focused on carrying out quantitative and qualitative research studies, evaluation studies, data analysis and its presentation as well as developing and drawing up project applications. They are using different tools for data collection and analysis:  questionnaires, interviews, expert interviewers, focus groups and much more.

During the last few years, several evaluation studies were carried out, such as learning behaviour of Kindergarten- and school-aged children, impact of school based addiction prevention programs and family based strategies for healthy growing up for children in their families.

Country: Deutschland


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